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Register for the conference HERE
  • The above link will take you to PMMI's registration website.
  • Please note that the credit card payment system is not yet available. You may register immediately and select "Pay by credit card" and we will send you a link to pay by credit card as soon as the system is available.
  • Alternatively you can select "Pay by bank transfer" and pay immediately.
  • If you need a visa letter, we would suggest you to "Pay by bank transfer" and send us an email ( to request the letter. If you choose "Pay by credit card" you can also request a visa letter, however, we would only state that you have registered to the conference. Once the credit card payment system is ready and payment is taken, we will then send you another letter that states you have registered and paid.
  • When you register, you need to choose your "home" conference (WoW or WPTC). Please note that all tickets allow you access to all conference tracks, but for auditing purposes we need you to specify your "home" conference.




Conference Registration Fees:


Ticket type In Advance (On or before 30th April 2019) Standard & on-site price
(1st May to 21st June 2019)
Non-Member Student (no banquet): £275 £355
Non-Member Student (with bandquet): £355 £435
IEEE PELS/MTT Member Student (no banquet): £260 £340
IEEE PELS/MTT Member Student (with Banquet): £340 £420
IEEE Member: £490 £570
IEEE PELS/MTT Member: £460 £540
IEEE PELS/MTT Member - Retired & >65 Years: £445 £525
IEEE Non-Member: £600 £690
Daily conference fee: - £150



School ticket fees:




Banquet ticket:





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